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Never again would I hear the words "You Next Sugar" as depicted in the photo above! How many times do you make an appointment, call before you go to see if they are running late (so you can do other things in the mean time) and get there and STILL have to wait!!! That was my routine for a long time. During that time, I would be waiting to "Curl Up and Dye" in the words of my favorite hair ot REDO the next day (photo) The only way to maintain this do was to sleep cute - what's that? Head hanging off the bed or sleep in a chair - it was then I realized why some ladies had such cute hairstyles and attitudes that did not match - no good sleep!!!

Next, I would "Weave Away" my hair. You know what that means!! Full head weave, half head weave, sew in tracks, glued in tracks. My

My weaves were so tight, my husband did not know I even had a weave were so tight, my husband did not know I even had a weave for months while we were dating!!! Girl, you know that weave will help your hair grow!!! That's my favorite quote. How??? By the time I take this weave off and unbraid the base, wash my hair and repair the conditioner) and get my ends trimmed I'm lucky if I have the same length let alone more hair. But keep in mind I did it all over again
because it grew my hair!!! (I'm still looking for a photo). After I was done with the "Weave Away" I would always return to my "Curl Up and Dye" - good old standby (photo with my girlfriend Kathy - last relaxer).

Now I must admit I did look good at this stage. I had gotten my hair to a great length but the question was at what cost? The Mini Beauty Supply in my house? I had shampoo for three different hair types with conditioners to match, along with things to keep the humidity away, moisture in, and frizzes at bay. I was going to make it work no matter what the cost.

Oh, and lets not forget the braids!!! This would require at least two bags of hair - no less than $45 per bag (had to have the best) of hair that cannot be re-used, plus another $175 at least to get the braids put in!! This ran every 10 weeks or so. "Braids will make you hair grow!" Let's not go there!! Even if I give you that one, what about my hair line? Where is it going and why?

Finally in my quest to find a Black owned day spa in Dallas, while I was getting my hair done my stylist told me about Sincerely Yours Day Spa in Irving. That’s when I saw them – Beautiful Sisterlocks!!! Gigi, the owner had shoulder length Sisterlocks. When I first saw her I could not stop asking questions. How can I get them? How do you maintain? Do I have to cut my relaxer off? How long does it take? How much does it cost? After answering all of my questions I was sure that I wanted Sisterlocks.

Next step, to convincing my husband, and this was not an easy task. From his perspective he sees a wife that changes her hair so much he never knows what is next. So for him when I say I want Sisterlocks he says “How Much?” I say $600.00. He says for a hairstyle you are only going to keep for 2 to 3 months? Then I get to explain that it is a “Lifestyle and not a Hairstyle.”

You can see where this conversation was going. Then I pull out the information package that Gigi gave me to explain Sisterlocks. Play up the positives, (1) never have to buy hair again for braids or
weaves, (2) never had to be taken down, (3) any style I did before Sisterlocks I can do after Sisterlocks, (4) no more bad hair days because freestyle is always in style, (5) humidity is no longer an enemy and last but not least I can maintain my hair myself after six months by taking a Retightening Class if I want to. I got my Sisterlocks January 2000 (just Sisterlocked after 22 hrs)!!!
After having my Sisterlocks for 18 months, I decided to take the training myself so that I could share this wonderful system with others. August 2001, I enrolled in the Sisterlocks Consultant Class at Everette’s Corn-Rows & Braiding Academy in Detroit, MI. Sheila Everette-Hale was wonderful. She was great and she added somuch additional
knowledge and information to the class. And guess who one of my first clients was – my husband (just before Brotherlocks)!
(just before Brotherlocks)!
Now after locking session.
Update, it is now official, I am no longer a "trainee," I just received my official Sisterlocks Certification from JoAnne Cornwell creator of Sisterlocks for January 2002.
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